Pretty Fly Designs

From the Maker:

"Pretty Fly Designs offers hand tied earrings and hat adornment feathers crafted by professional fly fishing guide and fly tier, Capt. Christopher Siess. Chris has been tying flies for over twenty five years. In 2018, he was asked to make a pair of feather earrings for a friend. The response was positive, so he began tying earrings for more friends. The proverbial snowball started rolling and soon Pretty Fly Designs was born. A year later, upon purchasing his second cowboy hat, he started tying feather adornments for hats, which also caught on. Most recently, he has been asked to make wedding boutonnieres. Chris loves using natural colors, blending them with dyed feathers to create one of a kind styles for his clients. Each design is tied to order with high-quality feathers and advanced fly tying techniques so they don’t fall apart. Why the name Pretty Fly Designs? His fishing boat is named Pretty Fly…" Capt. Chris Siess

Hand crafted in Virginia and North Carolina or where ever the journey takes him.